FRM Division

Flood and River Basin Management Division

Fluvial Hydraulics and River Morphology (FHRM)       

The transport, erosion and deposition of sediment are key elements for describing and understanding the behaviour of rivers and its planform changes. The expertise at IWM in sediment transport processes in rivers includes the full range of cohesive (muddy) as well as non-cohesive sediment from clay to silt, sand, gravel and boulders. While short term morphological changes now a days can be quite well studied by mathematical morphological models, the longterm changes to study requires combination of deterministic and stochastic approach due to the difficulty in long term hydrological and morphological boundary estimation. The services in this discipline encompasses the following:

  • Fluvial hydraulics (water levels, flow patterns, discharge distributions, sediment transport)
  • Morphological development of river network, River system, river beds and banks (lowland and mountainous areas)
  • Impact of mine tailing, gravel and sand excavation, dredging spoil
  • Siltation and maintenance of navigation channels and river ports
  • Stabilisation of channels, river banks, off-takes, water intakes etc.
  • Morphological consequences of engineering interventions.

Flood Management (FldM)        

IWM since inception is active in water resources assessment, watershed management and climate change studies. Optimal design of flood protection works is supported by flood risk analyses using advanced tools like the state-of-the-art inundation modelling system. IWM has aquired worldwide experience in the implementation of advanced flood early warning systems for major river systems. Water management organisations are supported by IWM while developing and enhancing their monitoring and information systems. The services would include:

  • Hydrological assessments
  • Monitoring networks and information systems
  • Flood risk and damage assessment
  • Flood Mapping
  • Real-time flood forecasting and operational water management systems
  • Land use and climate change studies
  • Flood mitigation planning and designs and operations